Top tips

Cabinet Cabinet Carte D'Or ice cream Carte D'Or ice cream
  • Top tips for selling
    Carte D’Or
  • Keep your cabinet clean and tidy
  • Defrost your cabinet every 3 months
  • Make sure prices are on display
  • Make sure flavour names are on display
  • How to sell more
  • Offer additional toppings such as nuts and sauces
  • Charge by the scoop
  • Offer an eat-in service and encourage customers to order drinks
  • Create Carte D’Or desserts using our serving suggestions for ideas

Make sure what you’re selling is safe

The following Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) document will provide you with comprehensive advice on how to ensure your preparation and selling of Carte D’Or ice cream is safe for customers to consume. Please read this manual carefully to ensure you’re adhering to these basic food safety requirements.

Download the HACCP Manual